The 1-Month Habit Experiment

Veranstaltungsname: Online Event
Adresse: Europe Wide, Berlin BE

Kategorien: Health & Wellness, Business & Networking
Beginnt um: 2020.05.20, 12:00


During The 1-Month Habit Experiment, you learn the science behind habits and helpful tools and techniques to change a habit of yours. About this Event: Ready to make or break a habit? During The 1-Month Habit Experiment, you learn the science behind habits and helpful tools and techniques to make changing your habits easier. Then you get to create your own habit plan and meet once a week to fine-tune things as you move forward. Join us now: 45% of what you do in a day is controlled by habits. Your daily habits do not only impact your everyday life but even more so where you will be 10 years from now. Which makes learning how to change your habits a crucial life skill. By learning the science behind habits and tested tools and techniques to apply when changing them, you can become a better listener, more organized, quicker decision-maker and trusted co-worker. The 1-month habit experiment allows participants to pick one habit of theirs that they want to break or make and then create a plan for themselves for the upcoming month. Then they get to put it all to practice and experiment to see what works. Through this process, your teams will not only gain new self-awareness around their behaviors, strengths, and pitfalls but also learn the skill of changing habits which they can apply to any future change they want to implement. Here’s what you can expect from the 1-Month Habit Experiment: You will learn the science behind habits including how they are formed, what impact they have on us and their main function You will learn and apply helpful and tested tools, tips and techniques that make changing your habits easier You get to pick 1 habit of yours that you want to make or break during the upcoming month and work with “Your Habit Plan” to set yourself up for success You become part of a small group where you are invited to be vulnerable and honest and contribute to creating a safe place for personal growth for everyone You get 4 weekly virtual follow-up sessions with group coaching to celebrate success, discuss hurdles and fine-tune your plans as you move forward The group will hold you accountable and support you along the way – learning from both your own experiment as well as everyone else's. Each week, you will receive weekly homework to help you expand your learning and gain new self-awareness around your strengths, behaviors, pitfalls and beliefs Each week you will receive tips, tricks and reminders in the form of emails that help you stay on track Join us now:


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